Items Needed

Financial donations from individual donors make up the single largest and consistent source of funding needed to support the food pantry. The Back Door Food Pantry is run completely by volunteers and every dollar donated goes to help purchase food from Food Gatherers each week. The buying power of your dollar goes much further at Food Gatherers ( about three times ! ) than at the local grocery stores.

During the current pandemic, storage space has become a critical problem, our volunteers all wear masks, and we must carefully sanitize all surfaces to protect our patrons.  As a result, until the pandemic ends, WE CAN NOT ACCEPT donations of food or other items.

After the pandemic ends, we hope to again be able to accept donations of food and toiletry products (dental, shampoo, lotions, deodorant) as listed below (except diapers and toilet paper – insufficient storage space)There is a bin for donated items in the coat room in the main building next to the elevator.  All donated products must have the original labels listing contents and possible allergens and food donations must not be past their labeled expiration date.